Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunday Long Run: NHA Casisang to Brngy. Imbayao (Malaybalay)

These are photos taken during our long run last Sunday, January 11, 2015. I was with my officemate Edward. We started our run at almost 6 AM right outside their home in NHA Phase 3 Annex, Casisang. Our route simply followed the road going to Barangay Imbayao and we agreed to turn around once we reached one hour. It is 95% uphill in going to Imbayao so we run-walk with a 4:1 ratio (4 minutes run; 1 minute walk).

Since we're running on a much higher elevation, we're gasping for air in no time. The tough route however offers a refreshing scenery of corn fields, banana and pineapple plantations and the majestic Mount Kitanglad Range from a distance. And with hardly any vehicle passing by, we get to enjoy the cool and fresh mountain air. 

Because of the steep hills, we managed to reach only a little over 7 kilometers after one hour. We turned around after passing a small sitio.

Going down is much easier as it was mostly downhill back to where we started. We touched down at 1:55 since we made a few stops to rehydrate and take photos. Data from my GPS watch showed that we ran 14.4 kilometers with a pace of 8 min/kilometer.

It was a nice, leisure-pace run which I consider an integral part of my training as I prepare for my first ultramarathon next month.


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