Saturday, December 20, 2014

Race Report: 31st Davao Finishers Marathon (Dec. 7, 2014)

As my year-ender major race, I joined the 31st Davao Finishers Marathon last December 7, 2014 in Davao City. Despite the lack of preparation, I registered for 42K just to fulfill my goal of running at least one marathon a year.

DFM 2014 was scheduled a week before Pryce Gas International Marathon in Cagayan de Oro. Though CDO is nearer to my hometown Malaybalay (Bukidnon) than Davao City, I chose to run in DFM due to the following reasons: (1) DFM is actually Mindanao’s longest running marathon event.  It is now on its 31styear and is only 7 years younger than the National Milo Marathon; (2) it will be my first time to run in Davao City; and (3) Ggun start is at 12 midnight which is favorable to slow runners like me who hate running under the harsh rays of the sun.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Weekends, Three Races

November was a busy one in terms of running for me. As I have decided that I will run 42K the following month in Davao City, I have only this month to train for the full marathon distance. As part of my preparation, I joined three races on two weekends:

November 9, 2014 - 38th Milo Marathon Cagayan de Oro

I prepared for this race for about two months in hope of finally improving my 21K PR of 2:13:30 which was set three years ago during Unilab's Run United also in CDO. It has been an endless 21K heartbreaks for me since then as, due to lack of consistent training, I failed to improve my time in the succeeding half-marathons that I've joined. For this year's Milo Marathon, I still wasn't able to train consistently. My longest long run was only up to 18K and I wasn't able to run two weeks before the race because Malou and I went to Palawan to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But since I was able to do some speed and hill works and tempo runs during weekdays, I think I was better prepared for this one than the previous years.