Monday, December 16, 2013

Malaybalay City: Running and Exploring at BFI Road

Last Saturday morning (December 16, 2013), I and my wife Malou, our couple friends James and Blessie and my officemate Edward went out for a long run. We agreed to take on the Bukidnon Forests Incorporated (BFI) trail via the Malaybalay City Swimming Pool which is situated along the road going to Barangay Can-ayan. I never passed the BFI route before so I got excited with what this trail has to offer.

We started our run at the corner of Rubin and CM Recto Streets

Barangay road going to Can-ayan

The left turn entering BFI Area

Malaybalay City Swimming Pool

We met up at the corner of Rubin and CM Recto Streets and started our run shortly before 6 AM. The paved road ended after about 200 meters as we entered the Barangay Road going to Can-ayan. The temperature got cooler as we passed the road lined with tall trees on both sides. After more than 1 kilometer we reached the City Pool vicinity, made a left turn at the fork of the road and entered the BFI area.

Start of the BFI trail

A gentle uphill

Malou and Blessie taking on the hilly part

Pine trees along the route

BFI is a reforestation project which covers thousands of hectares in Malaybalay and adjacent municipalities. It is a government-owned and controlled corporation under the National Resources Development Corporation. 

Awesome view of pines, mountain and fog

The trail we tread on is mostly graveled with a few muddy portions. The terrain is a combination of flat and gentle, non-technical hills. We passed along a few huts and  met only one XRM motorcylce rider along the way. The air was fresh and the morning view of hills, mountains and pines was really beautiful.  

After more than 6 kilometers from where we started, we came along a crossroad.  The left turn would lead to Barangay Kalasungay proper while the straight path was still unknown to us. After asking direction from a local, we decided to take the straight path which passed by two beautiful mansions. 
As we run farther, the trail got more narrow and muddy but the view became more beautiful.

We then reached another graveled road and were surprised that there is a resort in this area. We dropped by the resort and found out that it is named Parokya ni Momon (hahaha!). Entrance fee is 15 pesos per person but the caretaker let us in for free since we're only going in for some sightseeing. The resort has a simple swimming pool and bamboo cottages but offers a really awesome view of mountains from afar.

Parokya ni Momom Resort

After some picture-taking at the pool, we continued our run until we reached Zone 4 of Barangay Kalasungay.  

Instead of going straight to the highway, we decided to add more mileage and headed north until we reached Hernandez Farm. 

Road going to Hernandez Farm

Entrance road to Hernandez Farm

We took a few minutes to rest, rehydrate and refuel before making our way back. Instead of doing a backtrail, we ran straight toward Kalasungay Highway then made our way back to Malaybalay City proper.

Sports Tracker run stats: 16.16 kilometers at 2:20:00

We thoroughly enjoyed the run as we did not only get our long run fix but we also discovered a new route. It is not only challenging but also offers a wonderful view of nature. We planned to go back to this route again and probably explore more of the trail the lies farther ahead. 


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