Friday, December 27, 2013

Malaybalay City: Long Run to BFI Tower 1

We ran along the BFI (Bukidnon Forest Inc.) dirt road for the second straight Saturday last December 21, 2013. This time, our goal was to go beyond our previous turning point at Hernandez Farm in Barangay Kalasungay and run farther toward the BFI Tower. I was with couple James and Blessie Paulican. Our route started similar to the previous weekend run, we met up at the corner of Rubin and CM Recto streets, followed the road going to Barangay Can-ayan and made a left turn upon reaching Malaybalay City Swimming Pool where the BFI fire road starts.

Upon reaching the quarry area, we made a detour to the former Tabios Tower trail for a quick photo op: 

This trail leads to the peak where Tabios Tower once stood. We used to hike this trail during our high school days.

If I am not mistaken, this trail was part of the Malandog Ridge Trail Run held more than two years ago.

Instead of going straight to the Parokya ni Momon Resort route, we made a left turn toward Bukidnon National High School Annex, passed along Kalasungay Highway then entered the road going to Hernandez Farm. The uphill gently starts after passing Hernandez Farm and BFI Nursery. 

The terrain got steeper as we run farther. Its not as steep as the Big Rock route though. And some portions are shaded with trees so it was generally cool. The road is fairly wide, graveled and has plenty of loose rocks. The majestic Kitanglad range looms at the back as we get higher and higher.

We came face to face with Mount Kiamo upon reaching a flat ground. There are two roads that lead to the left. The first goes uphill while the second one leads downhill. Since we're searching for the tower, we followed the uphill route.

We reached what we thought was the dead end of the route. There was no tower in sight and the mountain's view was concealed by trees and bushes on the cliff. We thought we made the wrong turn and almost gave up on our goal of finding the tower. As I was taking some photos, Blessie found a narrow single track that goes upward on the side of a road cut, She suggested that we should go up so I went ahead first. I was surprised with what I found at the top end of the trail: the BFI Tower!

This is BFI Look 1 Tower. I am not sure of the spelling but it is probably short for Lookout Tower 1.

Triumphant James at top of the tower

We climbed the tower and was instantly awestruck with the magnificent sights that we saw. The tower offers a a breathtaking 360-degree view where Mt. Musuan (or Musuan Peak), Mt. Kitangalad, Mt. Kiamo and the mountains and hills in the side of Brngy Can-ayan can be seen.  I was delighted to see that there are still  plenty of tree-covered mountains in this side of Bukidnon. The pine trees at the foot of Mount Kiamo and its nearby hills made the scenery somewhat resembles the Alps. Our long run was perfectly rewarded with these beautiful sights of Bukidnon.

James and Blessie with the Kitanglad Range (partially blocked by the tree trunks) in the background

The Pulaguy Blogger with Mount Kiamo in the background. Pine trees beautifully clad the mountain's foot and nearby hills.

Based on my cellphone's sports tracker, BFI Look 1 Tower is approximately 14.71 kilometers from where we started our run. It is almost 6 kilometers from Kalasungay Highway/Crossing Capitan Anghel road junction and about 3 kilometers from Hernandez Farm. It has an elevation of about 1,100 meters above sea level.

A short moment later, BFI maintenance crew arrived aboard a 4-wheel drive vehicle. After having a short chat with them, we started our descent back to Kalasungay highway. 



  1. I do run BFI Road. A good run. I was unaware of the Tower. I will try to locate it. Thanks!

  2. I do run BFI Road. A good run. I was unaware of the Tower. I will try to locate it. Thanks!