Friday, December 27, 2013

Malaybalay City: Long Run to BFI Tower 1

We ran along the BFI (Bukidnon Forest Inc.) dirt road for the second straight Saturday last December 21, 2013. This time, our goal was to go beyond our previous turning point at Hernandez Farm in Barangay Kalasungay and run farther toward the BFI Tower. I was with couple James and Blessie Paulican. Our route started similar to the previous weekend run, we met up at the corner of Rubin and CM Recto streets, followed the road going to Barangay Can-ayan and made a left turn upon reaching Malaybalay City Swimming Pool where the BFI fire road starts.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Malaybalay City: Running and Exploring at BFI Road

Last Saturday morning (December 16, 2013), I and my wife Malou, our couple friends James and Blessie and my officemate Edward went out for a long run. We agreed to take on the Bukidnon Forests Incorporated (BFI) trail via the Malaybalay City Swimming Pool which is situated along the road going to Barangay Can-ayan. I never passed the BFI route before so I got excited with what this trail has to offer.