Sunday, November 17, 2013

Run Report and Photos: Kisolon Fiesta Run 2013

I ran 10K in the Kisolon Fiesta Run 2013 last Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 at Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon. The run was part of the activities of the upcoming town fiesta. Other categories of the run were 2K and 5K. The run was organized by my friend, newly-elected Municipal Councilor George Jeremy "Jim" Baula. Accordingly, 25 pesos of every registration fee will be used to partially finance the construction the Christ the King Church altar.

These are some of the photos I took before, during and after the run. Photos are of inferior quality since I only used my Cherry Mobile Flare phone.

Start of the program

Sumilao Municipal Councilor Jim Baula acknowledging all the participants and sponsors

Sumilao Mayor Rey Baula giving a short speech

Another LGU Official inviting the participants to other fiesta activities

Pre-run stretching

The race started at around 6 AM

The route was the same as last year. From the Don Carlos Fortich Park, we went uphill towards Purok 5A, right turn to FCI Plantation and back to Don Carlos Fortich Park. Except for a few hundred meters from the starting line, the route was all dirt road. It was mostly uphill in going to the 10K turning point and downhill in going back to the finish. Thankfully, it did not rain the day before so the road was compact and dry. During the Fiesta Run last year, the route was slippery and wet as it rained before and during the race (see my previous post HERE).

Photos from the route:

Road going to FCI Plantation

 Running along the pineapple fields

 I ran along with this bunch in the first half of the race

Breathtaking morning view of Mount Kitanglad Range 

10K Turning Point inside the banana plantation

Due to the long uphill, I have to run-walk during the first half of the race. I reached the 10K turning point with a very slow time of 33 minutes plus. From the turning point, I increased my pace as it was mostly downhill in going back to the finish. I have to stop at this spot, though, to take photo of Mount Palaopao.

 Beautiful view of Mount Palaopao which can be seen in going back to the finish line

I reached the finish line at 59:19, meaning I did a negative split in the final 5K at 26 minutes plus. It was a big improvement from my last year's time of one hour and four minutes. Because of the good weather, I had a great time running on the dirt road while enjoying the clean air and beautiful scenery.

Post-race photos:

With Mr. Cornelis Sandy Rijskamp of Oro Sunday Runners. Despite his age, Mr. Rijskamp is a very strong runner. He was only a few steps behind me at the finish. If the distance was longer, I am very sure he would outrun me.

 Kagawad Jim Baula and Mr. Sandy Rijskamp with two other Sumilao folks.

With the Fighter Wine Ladies 

During the awarding ceremony, we hang out in this booth to sample Valley Farms Luncheon Meat and Mega Sardines products.

Congrats to Municipal Councilor Jim Baula for organizing another successful fun run in Sumilao!

Kisolon Fiesta Run 2013 Sponsors: Universal Robina Corporation,Mega Sardines, Valley Farm, Globe, Gama Foods, Silver Swan, Fighter Wine, Nature's Spring, Madelicious Bakeshop, Del Monte, Dole, Dunkin' Donuts, Citee Prints, Bupharco, B-meg,Philusa, Yakult, Water Market, Mayor Rey Baula, F.C.I., A's Bay Bakery. Jim's Place & Sagaponack


  1. Nice picture report Earl, it shows so well the beautiful landscape in this area. In fact I'm used to a wide open landscape with far horizons and 'big' skies.
    Yes, you're right I was just not able to get you before finishing, your last km was strong!

    1. If the distance was longe, I'm sure you would outrun me Sir. I am very much impressed with your speed and endurance. See you in future runs!

  2. Thanks for the blog, Earl. 25 pesos per registrant goes to the church. Not much pero makatabang na.

    1. OK Jim. Ako na gi-edit. 21K na next time. Hehe...

  3. Hi Earl, my first time to visit your blog and I appreciate your efforts to highlight the local runs in Bukidnon. It goes to show the ever-growing running community in the provinces of our country. Plus, the lovely sceneries one encounters in the rural areas.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Sir! Hope you could also visit and run in my province someday. :)

  4. Part of my bucket list is to join a run in the Visayas and Mindanao each. Reading your blog entries, Bukidnon looks to be a very nice and cool place to run. Favor please. Perhaps you can include my running blog in your blogroll.