Thursday, July 4, 2013

Destination Run: Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Lorega, a barangay of the Municipality of Kitaotao, is situated along the Bukidnon to Davao highway (also  known as BUDA). This barangay is known for its quarantine stop-over ("kwarantinas") where commuters have to stop and step on a foot bath to protect Bukidnon's livestock industry.   

Elevated at 4,000 feet above sea level and with pine trees planted everywhere, the weather here is naturally cold. Malou and I spent two days and one night here last Holy Week just to get a feel on how it is to live in what could be considered as the Baguio version of Bukidnon. 

We planned to run early in the morning, but the chilly weather made us sleep a little longer. We woke up  late and though the sun was already up, the temperature was still cold. So after putting on our running gears, we stepped outside Wildberry Gardens where stayed overnight.

Instead of going to the highway, we followed the interior route. 

We passed by some really beautiful vacation homes. Because of its cold weather, affluent families mostly coming from Davao City built their own vacation homes in this barangay. 

A spot overlooking the pine-strewn highway:

We then went uphill, following a trail that leads to the mountain:

We passed by what Malou and I described as our dream house:

After going higher, we came to this spot where we could view Seagull Mountain Resort from a distance:

We rested in in this place for a few minutes then decided make our way back down.

Upon reaching Wildberry Gardens, we felt the urge to run more distance. So we went pass the Barangay Hall of Lorega and straight to the national highway.

Since it was a Good Friday, there were only a few vehicles passing  along the national road. 

We then made a left turn off the highway and into a downhill dirt road.

 Nice view of the pine trees:

A beautiful church on the highway side:

As it was already an hour since we started running, Malou and I then decided to go back to Wild Berry Gardens to eat our breakfast.

How To Get There:

1. If you're coming from Cagayan de Oro City, go to the Agora Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound for Davao City. Tell the conductor you're going to Lorega. Do the reverse route if you're coming from Davao City.

Where To Stay:

1. Wildberry Gardens and Camping Grounds-just a few hundred meters walk from the Provincial Veterinary Check Point or "kwarantinas". Check this POST for details.

2. Seagull Mountain Resort-located along the highway, also a few hundred meters away from the "kwarantinas". Check this POST for details.

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