Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4th Osvaldo Run: A Fun Trail Run with Lots of Prizes


More than a hundred runners joined the 4th Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run held in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon last Sunday, November 4, 2012. The purely fun run was participated by both local and foreign runners, giving it a bit of "international" flavor. Both the 5K and 10K routes started at Quadra Eco Resort in Brngy. Sumpong and followed the dirt road going to Barangay Can-ayan. 5K turning point was at the City Water District Reservoir while 10K turning point was along the trail going to Bukidnon Forest Inc. (BFI) area.

A local runner with the foreigners

Dr. Abellanosa giving instructions before the start of the run


I ran along with my wife Malou in the 10K category. The road going to Can-ayan has always been one of my favorite routes because of the tall trees that shaded major portions of it. In this road, only a few large vehicles pass by and scenic distant mountains can also be seen along the way. The cloudy skies made the morning weather even colder but it wasn't an easy run due to the challenging stretches of uphill along the way.

Before reaching the City Dumpsite, we made a left turn to what I believe is a road going to BFI area. Here the view is more awesome and it made me appreciate my hometown even more. 

Malou and I finished our run at 1:19. Really slow but I guess she was the first to finish among female 10K runners because there were only three of them. Hahaha!!!

 Lots of fresh pineapples (and bananas) after the run

The race was a purely fun run event and no prizes where awarded to the top finishers. Instead all runners who finished the run were given prizes through the raffling of race bib numbers. The organizers gave away running and casual shoes (brand new and slightly used), water bottles, hydration pack, singlets, t-shirts, shorts and many more.

Malou grabbed a slightly used pair of New Balance stability shoes while I went for a new Kickers casual.

The 4th Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run was organized by Dr. Rachito Abellanosa and his wife Ma'am Maite Callao Abellanosa. The run is being held every year in memory of their late son Osvaldo who died in a vehicular accident six years ago. It was my first time to join this annual event and I thoroughly had fun. I am sure all the runners had a great time running on the trail too. This early, I am looking forward to joining this run again next year!    


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