Monday, November 19, 2012

The Kisolon Fiesta Run 2012 Experience

Despite the early morning rain, more than a hundred runners showed up and joined the Kisolon Fiesta Run 2012 in Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon last Saturday, November 17. Organized by my friend, Kag. George Jeremy "Jim" Baula, the run was part of Barangay Kisolon fiesta activities. It was actually my third time to run in this town. The 1st Sumilao Fun Run last June was my first while the Tri 30+ SPED Run last September was the second.

We arrived in Kisolon way before the scheduled 10K gun start which is at 5:30 AM. The rain shower was first intermittent then continued to trickle just as the run was about to start.

After the opening prayer and singing of the national anthem, stretching exercises followed to warm us up.

There were only about twenty of us who joined the 10K category as most of the participants were in  5K and 2K. Unlike the 1st Sumilao Fun Run where the route was just along the national highway, the Kisolon Fiesta Run route passed through the road going to Barangay Sumilao. It was a long uphill climb right at the start.

Dirt road followed shortly a few hundred meters from the starting line. The light rain made it more muddy and slippery. The very challenging route made me huff and puff, I have to take a minute of walk break after every 4 minutes of running.  

Instead of going straight to Barangay Sumilao, we made a left turn, passed by the Sumilao canyons then ran along pineapple and banana plantations. It was mostly uphill all the way to the turning point.

Going back was mostly downhill so I revved up my pace. But then the mud keep sticking to the sole of my non-trail shoes making it heavier. I have to stop often and look for some solid objects where I could struck the mud out.

The scenery in going back to the starting line was really beautiful. Mount Palaopao, which we conquered a month ago, looked so majestic as well as the distant mountains from afar. However, I wasn't able to take more photos since I already wrapped my camera in plastic and slipped it inside my pocket to protect it from the rain.

 Thanks to Stewart Lagorra for this pic!

I reached the finish line in one hour and four minutes. Another slow 10K for me but the nonetheless, I enjoyed the route, the rain and the view.

At the finish line, we were given a plastic bag containing bottled water, Powerade Ion Sports Drink, banana, a piece of bread and Chicharon ni Mang Juan (!). Not bad for a 75 pesos registration fee. After the awarding of prizes to the winners, a mini-raffle was held. Unlike the Osavaldo Run, however, I failed to win a single item. :(

Congrats to Kag. Jim Baula for another successful fun run held in Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon. And thanks to Doc Arwind Fernando for the free ride from Malaybalay to Kisolon and back. :)

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