Monday, September 10, 2012

The Tri 30+ SPED Run Experience

The Tri 30+ SPED Run I joined last September 1, 2012 was one unique running experience. Unique in the sense that while it was an organized run, it was not a race. It was purely a charity run, the objective of which was to raise money from various sponsors to help renovate the SPED (Special Education) classrooms in Barangay Kalasungay, Malaybalay City.

Organized by the running and biking priest, Father Robert Selecios, the run was originally dubbed as 30-30-30. Supposed to be, only 30 selected runners will run 30 kilometers from Kisolon, Sumilao up to Malaybalay City, with the intention of raising 30,000 pesos for SPED. However, as more runners got interested in joining and even more donations came pouring in, Father Selecios decided to rename this run into Tri 30+ SPED Run.

More than 50 runners enlisted and showed up at the assembly area in Malaybalay City Plaza Rizal in the early morn of September 1. We then boarded the Sumilao LGU coaster en route to Kisolon where we disembarked in front of the Catholic Church. Coffee and bread were served before Father Selecios gave us the run briefing.

 Father Robert "Titing" Selecios giving the run briefing

Gun start!

We started the run at around 6 AM.  It was my first time to run this route and I decided to pace with the rear pack. The gloomy weather perfectly complimented our long run as we passed along Alalum Falls in Kisolon, the giant statues of Impasug-ong and later on the Atugan Bridge. 

 Alalum Falls in Kisolon


Atugan Bridge

The uphills in Impalutao challenged our weary legs, luckily there was a mobile water station to quench our thirst. The hydration station in Malaybalay Stock Farm (KM 15) has plenty of food so we stayed for awhile to refuel. There were also food and water stations in Dalwangan and Kalasungay so we were amply replenished despite the grueling run.       

 Food stop in Stock Farm, Dalwangan

It started to drizzle as we enter Malaybalay City proper but it is most welcomed as it cooled off our bodies as we approached the finish. Finally after 5 hours and 12 minutes of running, walking (and eating!), we reached the finish line in Plaza Rizal amidst the exchange of high fives with SPED students.  Finisher's medals were handed out by SPED teachers and volunteers. Then as the rain started to pour, Father Selecios turned over the symbolic check to SPED with the whooping amount of Php70,0000.00 (!). And I heard that more donations still came in even after the run. 

 With some of my fellow Tri 30+ SPED runners

The Tri30+ SPED Run was sure a fun experience and it felt great to run that long for a good and worthy cause. It made me realized that even in running, we can make a difference and contribute something good for the community. I looked forward to participate in more runs like this in the future. 


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  1. a fun run is more fun when it is done for a cause...