Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dole District C Fun Run: A Tough 5K Run in Lantapan

I joined the Dole District C Fun Run held in Poblacion, Lantapan, Bukidnon last September 8, 2012. It was just a 5K run but the reason I joined is to experience running in Lantapan for the very first time.

Start/finish line of the race was in front of the Municipal Gym which is just a few steps away from the town plaza and the Municipal Hall. As expected, many Dole employees came to join the run which have 3 categories: 5K Open; 5K Exclusive for Dole Employees and 3K Female.

I was in the 5K Open and I observed that there were only a few runners, most of whom are elite, enlisted in that category. We were the first to go at around 6 AM. The route started fairly easy with a long downhill from the Municipal Hall down to the national highway. It was then mostly flat and downhill going to the turning point which I reached at about 12 minutes. Going back was a different story though as more and more uphills challenged my every stride. I stopped a number of times to take a few seconds of walk break. The last great uphill was going back to the Municipal Hall en route to the finish line. I walked on that portion again before regaining my strength and running all the way to the finish. I finished my run at 27:49. It was not a PR 5K but still I enjoyed the experience being able to run in a new place.   

Overall, it was another well-organized race by the Panahik Adventure Centre group. There were separate digital timers for every category, ample water stations (3 to be exact) along the route, friendly and helpful race marshals plus sandwich and juice were given to every finisher of the race.

(All photos from Panahik Adventure Centre)

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