Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Fun Run and A Great Adventure Trail

The previous weekend was a blast as I joined back-to-back races in two days: Dagan sa Aglayan on Saturday (August 4) and Panahik Adventure Trail on Sunday (August 5). Both runs were really enjoyable and offered some things out of the usual Malaybalay highway route. The Aglayan fun run started from the San Lorenzo Diakono Sub-Parish and went to as far as the Abohan Bridge in Barangay Managok. On the other hand, the Panahik Trail made us explore the less-visited spots of the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park and included road and trail running, river trekking and an obstacle course.

I ran 10K in Dagan sa Aglayan as I've always loved running in the Managok route. As fewer vehicles passed along this road , the route is generally safer compared to the Sayre Highway. The beautiful vista of rice and corn fields with Mount Capistrano in the backgrounds also complemented the cool morning as  the sun did not shine full blast. The tough up-and-down route however made me took more walk breaks and finished the run with my worst 10K time of 1:10 (hahaha!).

 Arriving at the finish line. Thanks to Matet Quirino for this pic!

The next day Malou and I joined the 6-KM Panahik Adventure Trail. Organized by athletic couples Ronan and Raquel Montero, owners of Panahik Adventure Centre, it was the first adventure race my wife and I joined together. 


The race started in front of the Bukidnon Provincial Capitol building then went down to the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park (Kaamulan Grounds) where we were made to run off-road, trek the Bukatot Creek, passed through an obstacle course, and cross the Kalawaig Creek before returning to the Capitol Grounds.

As I planned to take photos along the way (I initially volunteered to be a race photographer but decided to run anyway), I just did and easy run and let Malou go ahead. It was a good thing because I was able to take lots of photos along the trail while my wife won 2nd place in the Female 30-year old and above category. Too bad we didn't win any one of those premium outdoor items raffled off after the race (nyahaha!)

Malou won a medal and a Sandugo tshirt, which fits me right.Hehehe!

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