Thursday, July 5, 2012

Of Natural Running and Minimalist Running Shoes

I've been curious about minimalist running or natural running for some time now. I am a firm believer that natural running is healthier, more efficient and can prevent common running injuries. I am generally a heel striker, or to put it simply, my heel lands first whenever I run. According to experts, this incorrect running form is one of the most common causes of injuries in the long term. I figured out that if I want to be able to run for as long as I can, I need to transition into the proper and natural running form.

I've tried a few minutes of barefoot running after my regular training sessions a number of times and I swear that its effect on my naked soles is really therapeutic. I'd love to run barefoot longer but I am afraid of stepping on rough and sharp objects. So it came to my mind that a pair minimalist shoes would protect my feet while giving me the barefoot experience. However, I found out that minimalist shoes are really expensive as the cheapest I've known is at P4,000++.  I just don't understand why a super light shoe with no cushion, no motion control and no arch support would costs more than a regular shoe. I guess manufacturers are just riding on the trend since the demand for minimalist shoes is growing or maybe they are just really expensive to produce. Whatever the reason is, it is a fact that prices of minimal running shoes are anything but minimal (!)     

Luckily, I was able to buy my first minimalist shoes, the Vivobarefoot Neo at an unbelievably low price of 1,000 pesos! Really hard to believe because the Vivobarefoot Neo is currently for sale in at $59.97-$139.98 (or about Php2,400-Php5,600) while the original price tag of the pair I bought was Php4,000++.  If  you've followed this blog post by post, you'd already known by now how I got my pair for only P1,000.00. If not, then you might want to check my previous post HERE to read how I was able to score this cool minimalist shoe almost for FREE.

I hate making long posts so I will just write about what I thought of the Vivobarefoot Neo soon. It's been with me for three weeks now and what I can say is that I never had a shoe that I really, really love to wear all day and every day! : )


  1. i never get to wear a cushioned shoes. when i bought my vivo ultra,i did not know abt minimalist running. i just bought it kay mura sya crocs. hehe my 1st run (or more of walk) was 15k. i guess being able to feel the rocks works as a maasage to my aching feet at that time.

    the time i tried the usual running shoes, i was uncomfortable to not feel the ground. i felt blind. mao bisan unsa na lang ako itapak sa akong vivo nga nabuslot kay sirado na tawn ang tindahan diri. good thing a friend sold hers. :) the merrel barefoot line is ok sad.

  2. so i think it's best to not totally let go lang sad of ur cushioned shoes. kay para mas versatile :)

  3. Lisod mag-transition mam but I really love the shoes. As of now I am using it almost everyday and for my short runs of about 5-10K. For my longer runs I still used my Adidas stability. Hopefully naa pa available stock sa Cagayan de Oro 'coz I'm planning to buy their office/dress shoes model. Murag na-addict na ko aning vivobarefoot.Hehehe...