Monday, July 16, 2012

My PR 5K at the Barangay 1 Fun Run (Malaybalay City)

Barangay 1 Fun Run was held last Saturday, July 14, in Malaybalay City. I actually thought the run would be cancelled or postponed as the rain was pouring hard by the time I woke up at 5 AM. I went back to sleep, woke up 30 minutes later and still the rain did not subside. I dozed off again and and get out of bed at around 6. The rain has somewhat slowed down and so I called my friend Dax who is part of the organizing committee. He told me that the despite the drizzle, the run would push through as they are already handing out race bibs to the participants.

So my wife Malou and I hurriedly changed into our running attire and motored quickly to the Barangay Hall where the run would start and finish. Luckily, the organizers are still on the process of listing down the numbers of each participants when we arrived so we still have enough time for some warm-up and stretching.  In my own estimate, there are more than 100 participants and surprisingly, some of Malaybalay's elite runners joined in the fun (despite the minimal amount of cash prizes at stake).

Amidst the rain shower,  the 5K gun start fired off at around 6:30 AM. The route started out flat from the Barangay Hall to the interior roads of Barangay 1. It then went downhill upon reaching CM Recto Street down to Magsaysay Street en route to Bonifacio Drive and Capitol Grounds where the terrain is generally flat again. We circled the Capitol Grounds twice before descending to Spring Side then went a little uphill in going back to the Barangay Hall.

It must have been the friendly route and the cool weather which made me finished the distance at 25:07. It eclipsed my  previous 5K best of 26 minutes plus during ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Run last February. Malou arrived more than two minutes later to finish third overall in the Female 5K. She won a hundred pesos plus rice, sardines and noodles (hehehe!).


**Wasn't able to bring my camera to this run and, as of this writing, I am still waiting for my friends who took some photos to post their pics on FB. 
**In this run, I switched back to using my regular shoes (Adidas Stability 3) after having some difficulty adjusting my run with my new barefoot shoes (VivoBarefoot Neo) during my previous 5K in Sumilao. I guess I need more barefoot running practice before I would start running "barefoot" again in an official race.


  1. Hi! Nice blog!

    I chanced upon your blog and I found it very entertaining and very informative. I'm from Cagayan de Oro, by the way, and I'm planning to start running (or maybe walking), if it's not too late, since im already 23yrs. old. Anyway, do you have pieces of advice as to where I could buy really good shoes for running/walking here in CDO or somewhere near (like Cebu, maybe)? My feet tends to underpronate, btw.

    Thanks!God bless you!

  2. Hi Ayet! Thanks for your reading my blog. It's never too late to start running as you're only 23 years of age. I started running only when I was already 33 years old and in less than two years, I've gone from conquering my first 5K (MILO-CDO in 2010) to finishing 5 half-marathons and 2 full marathons. Walking is always a good start and as you slowly progress to more running I am sure you can see that it is a very enjoyable and rewarding sport. With regards to buying shoes, I've seen great pairs in Toby's and Planet Sports Lim Ket Kai. In Cebu, you can visit RUNNR in Ayala as the salespersons their are also runners and they have a gait analysis machine which can help you decide buying a pair best suited for your feet and running style. : )