Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Sumilao Fun Run 2012: My First Minimalist 5K Run

We heard the gun start a few seconds after we disembarked at the highway bus stop of Barangay Kisolon. Realizing I was already late for the 5K, I told my companion Jun Lite that I would just run in the 3K as we hurriedly run to the starting line. We were met my race organizer, Barangay Kagawad Jim Baula, and was told that it was already the 3K runners that were just sent off!

Ouch! I am late for both distances! Jim handed me my race bib and as I set off, I planned to just catch up with the 3K participants. Since it was the first ever fun run held in Sumilao, a good number of people lined up along the highway to witness the event. I could distinctly hear their chuckles as I, the last of all runners, passed by. Hahaha!!!

Being my first "official run" using my minimalist Vivobarefoot Neo, I was having a hard time focusing on two things: adjusting my run with my new shoes and trying to increase my speed to catch up with the 3K runners. I finally managed to catch up near the bus terminal and as I approached the 3K turning point, I noticed that there are still plenty of runners making their way to the 5K route.  Knowing that I would not finish last after all, I decided to just continue running towards the 5K turning point. 

I managed to pass by a few runners, most of whom are probably first timers. Later on, I met my fellow Malaybalay Runners already going back to the finish. I knew I was really running slow as I was having a hard time adjusting my foot strike with my barefoot shoes. Damn! I should have followed the instructions to take "minimalist running" easy. The first few weeks of transitioning should have been spent on doing some drills, walking and light running. But here I am, using it immediately on a race after after using it for barely 2 weeks.

Finally, my first minimalist 5K run did not come easy!

Eventually, I managed to cross the finish at 29:39. It was just within my goal of a sub-30 minutes for my first minimalist 5K run. It was not a bad run after all since I was only 3 minutes slower than my 5K best of 26++ minutes. 
I would like to congratulate my friend, Barangay Kagawad Jim Baula of Kisolon, Sumilao for the successful 1st Sumilao Fun Run 2012. More than 300 runners turned up for the race. It was well organized with ample water in the hydration stations and lots of free snacks and coffee after the run.  It was actually I and Jun Lite Liwanag who helped Kagawad Jim in the initial planning of the run. That's why I am very glad that it turned out to be a successful race.

** Thanks to Randy Romo for the pic!


  1. i think it's really a challenge to run fast on a minimalist shoes kay it forced us to run lighter. though diri, sa mga ultra, naga top ten ra man sad ng mga nagtsinelas. :)

    sayang wa'y pics sa trails

  2. Sakto jud mam. That's why saludo jud ko anang mga ga-tsinelas ug ga-tiniil sa mga marathon ug ultra. I wish I could run like them.Hehehe...Nakalimot ko dala camera ani na run mam. :)