Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LKK Freedom Run 2012: Missed Target=New Shoes

Ouch! For the second straight run, I failed to hit my target time! After not being able to finish a sub-one hour 10K in last month's Cosin Summer Run, my attempt to improve my half-marathon time in last Sunday's (June 17) Lim Ket Kai Freedom Run 2012 was another big letdown.

My goal was to improve my previous best of 2:13:30, recorded in last year's Run United Regional Series Cagayan de Oro Leg. However, it was another epic fail as I finished the Freedom Run almost 3 minutes slower at 2:16:22. Aarrggh!!! 

Again, I will offer no excuses and only had myself (and my lack of training) to blame. While my fellow Malaybalay Runners significantly improved their time (congrats to Dax Abitona for the Top 10 Finish!),  mine is definitely getting worst! Grrrr!!!

Nice guys finish last (toink!)

On a brighter note, my time is still within the Milo Marathon Finisher's Medal cut-off of 2:30 and it is a shade better than my last year's Milo time of 2:17:07.  One thing good about my slow finish is that it gives me a big room for improvement. So I just need to keep on going, step up my training and try to go for it once more in my next run.

On the flip side, something good actually came out of last Sunday's disappointment.  During the raffling of prizes after the run, fellow Malaybalay Runners Jun Lite won a gift certificate from Terra Plana which entitles him to one pair of ViboBarefoot Neo shoes . The shoe is originally priced at P4,000++ and is presently on sale at only P1,900.00 (One thing I don't really understand about minimalist/barefoot shoes is that their price is anything but minimal!). Now the twist here is that Jun Lite is not that much into barefoot running, so he sold the certificate to me for only 1,000 pesos!  To make the story short, I am now a proud owner of this cool ViboBarefoot Neo:

Yes, I am now transitioning to minimalist running, with high hopes of correcting my bad form (read: heel-striking) and increasing my efficiency. Hopefully, it would make me run better, longer and probably, just probably, faster. Nyahahaha!

 For the official results of Lim Ket Kai Freedom Run 2012, CLICK HERE

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  1. Hello Sir Earl,

    pwede mangutana sa pangalan sa store/boutique kung asa nimo napalit ning terra plana vivo barefoot?

    Salamat ug more power sa mga dinaganay nimo!

    Dino Ente
    Cagayan de Oro