Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long Run Surpise in Barangay Can-ayan

"THE JOY OF FINDING NEW ROUTE - Today you took a left rather than a right and suddenly found amazing views and a piece of solitude you never knew existed before now. Then you imagine how many runs there are out there waiting to be discovered." --from Runner's World 49 Reasons to Love Running
It was a Black Saturday morning when I and my friend James headed out for a long run to a route we haven't threaded before. We figured out that running around the Capitol Grounds could get boring sometimes. So we decided to try something different and opted to run to Barangay Can-ayan.   

From James' residence in GK Capitol Village where I parked my motorbike, we warmed up by taking a walk up to the DPWH compound. There we started running, passed by the Capitol Grounds and towards the Springside road in Barangay 1.

 Springside road in Barangay 1

Road going to Brngy. Can-ayan

We then made a left turn upon reaching the road junction of CM Recto and Rubin Street. A few meters after the passing The Garden Party venue, we were already running on the unpaved road going to Can-ayan. As we run under the tree-shaded dirt road, we can the feel cold weather and hear the chirping of the birds. The graveled ground and gentle uphills also made our run more exciting.

 Dirt road--where the fun begins.

We passed by the some facilities of the Malaybalay City Government such as the City Swimming Pool, the Water System Reservoir and the Sanitary Landfill area:

The magnificent view of distant hills and mountains made us run with more energy. Indeed, pounding our soles  on a new route offered a new twist of running experience.

Upon reaching the Can-ayan Elementary School, we decided to make our U-Turn. The sun's already up and we can feel the heat in the open portion of the road. 

 Turning point

The heat is on!

After passing by the Sanitary Landfill area, we got curious of the road that goes right. 

We decided to run towards it and later found a small  trail leading up to the peak of a hill. We climbed that trail for a few meters, just enough to give us vantage point to these awesome views:

We were simply mesmerized with the sight of fog-shrouded mountains and pines. It's hard to imagine that these views can be seen only a few kilometers away from Malaybalay City proper.  Aaaahhh...this is the joy of finding new route.

Going back to the main road, James and I made a plan to explore that trail further very soon. I am sure there are more surprises out there waiting to be discovered.

We reached our starting point at DPWH in 1 hour and 50 minutes. We estimated the distance we've covered to be around 14 to 15 kilometers. It was a slow, long distance run which we enjoyed every step of the way.


  1. Bai Earl,

    I'll use some of your photos for my case study.

    Salamat kaayo, bai!