Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running Goals After My First Marathon Finish

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After achieving my biggest running goal (so far) of finishing my first marathon last month in Cebu City, I figured out that it is now time to set new goals for myself. I believe that by creating this list , I'm giving myself motivation to get going and keep on enjoying my runs.

I divided this list into two parts: (1) goals that I would want to achieve within this year and (2) goals that I would like to achieve this year or beyond.

Running Goals for 2012:

 1. Run 5K in less than 30 minutes - It's quite interesting to note that I've joined only two 5Ks with timing chip on. The first time (which was my first run) was during the 34th National Milo Marathon in Cagayan de Oro City where I finished at 30:50. It became my fastest 5K run (with timing chip) so far since I finished my second 5K at the 2011 Cebu Marathon with a dismal 32 ++ minutes. Though I've already ran 28-29++ minutes during practice runs and some local fun runs in my hometown, I would like to make it official by doing it in a run with a timing chip on.

2. Run 10K in one hour or less - Same explanation as goal # 1. My best 10K with timing chip was 1:04 ++ at the Kidney Run in Cagayan de Oro City last May 2011 while my personal best was 1:03++  (no timing chip) during the BCB Fun Run in Malaybalay City last September. The best 10K time I've run so far is around 58-59 minutes during one of my training sessions.

3. Run 21K with a sub-2:10 time - My best half-marathon time so far is 2:13:30 during the Run United in Cagayan de Oro last November. I would try to get this down to 2:10 or less this year and only then will I target that elusive sub-2:00 finish. 

4. Learn to run with mid-foot strike - I am a heel striker and I know it is not the most efficient way to run. It also exposes to me to greater chances of being injured. This year, I will be trying out the techniques to learn how to strike on my mid-foot like taking small and quick strides and maybe even a little barefoot running/walking from time to time. I also plan to buy a new pair of shoe which will hopefully help my transition into a mid-foot striker. Skechers Go Run and New Balance Minimus Road are presently on top of my list. 

5. Encourage more friends to start running - I would like to share the joys and benefits of running to my non-runner friends this year and encourage them to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. I've already got one who's regularly joining me in my weekend runs while another one already bought his first pair of running shoes. It would definitely be a big achievement for me if I could bring positive changes to one's life just by encouraging him/her to engage in this sport.

Running goals for 2012 and beyond:

1. Improve my marathon finish time - Finishing my first marathon at 5:45:22 is a remarkable feat for a slow runner like me. I now plan to run a marathon once or twice a year and my next goal would be to improve my time to at least sub 5:30.

2. Run an ultramarathon - After my first 42K finish, I know it would be just a matter of time before I'll conquer my first ultra. 

3. Run in more places - Aside from being a runner, I am also a travel enthusiast (visit my travel blog HERE). I aim to run in every place that I will set foot upon, just like the beach running I did in Camotes Island, Cebu last year.

So there goes my new set of running goals. Check this blog often to know if I've already achieved some these goals.Until then, let's keep on running in this race that we called LIFE.

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