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Review: Skechers GO Run

I attended the Skechers Go Run launch in Ayala Mall Cebu last Saturday, January 7, 2012. Now, you might wonder how in the world The Pulaguy Blogger got invited to this product launch? Well, I just posted a comment on the Skechers Fitness Facebook Page that I am going to run 42K in the 2012 Cebu City Marathon. I then got an email from Ms. Michelle Obligacion, Skechers' Marketing Associate, inviting me to go to their Ayala branch the day before the marathon for they will be introducing the Go Run shoe to Cebu bloggers and runners.

 With Skechers' representatives and members of the Cebu Bloggers Society

Also in attendance during the said launch are some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society. I'm the lone blogger/runner from Bukidnon so I just kept quiet the whole time (hehehehe!). Anyway, the Cebu Bloggers are all friendly. I chatted with Atty. Ethelbert Ouano and later  got to meet fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers members Edcel ( and Edwin (

 Ms. Lorraine of Skechers explaining the Go Run technology

Back to the product launch, Skechers' representative Ms. Lorraine was the one who introduced the Go Run shoe to the group. While Skechers is best known for their "lifestyle shoe" line, they are now penetrating the running shoe industry with their latest product.  

Here are some of the things I found out about the Skechers Go Run:

1. Go Run is lightweight and flexible - The men's line weighs only 6.9 oz while for women's its 4.9oz. On the other hand,  it's flexibility allows the foot to move naturally.

 Yeah, it's very light....

And it twists and turns!

2. Great design and colors - The Go Run is probably one of the best looking running shoes I've ever seen. It's design is quite sleek and the colors are not too flashy and loud. Even non-runners would be happy to wear this for some casual walking or strolling in the mall.

3. It is a minimalist running shoe - It has a 4mm heel drop which brings the feet closer to the ground thereby imitating barefoot running experience. What made me believe that it could compete with some of the best minimalist footwear in the market is when I read the Go Run review of the Runblogger. A minimalist running expert, the Runblogger was surprisingly pleased with his experience after wearing the Go Run in some of his runs. He later named this shoe as one of the Top Running Shoes of 2011.

4. It is built for long distance running - Wearing a Go Run shoe, Meb Keflezighi, an Olympic silver medalist, finished the 2011 ING New York City Marathon with a personal best time of 2:09:13. This feat made him the fastest American in that event. What made me believe even more that this shoe is made for distance running is when I noticed some runners wearing the Go Run during the Cebu Marathon which I joined the day after the product launch.

It looks (and feels) good on my feet!

5. It promotes mid-foot strike - This is the main reason why I am very much interested in the Skechers Go Run. I am a heel striker and have long been wanting to transition into mid-foot running which is the natural way we are supposed to run. According to some experts, mid-foot running not only increases your speed, it also prevents various injuries. During the launch, we were allowed to try the Go Run on our feet. I did some walking and light running around the store and realized that I am indeed landing on my mid-foot! I later figured out that the shoe's curved bottom and "undercut" heel sort of guide me to land on my mid-foot. 

My initial assessment of the Go Run is that it is a very impressive (not to mention, good looking) running shoe with really great features. The minimalist lightweight design and its promise to promote mid-foot strike really caught my interest since I am a heel striker who want to transition to the more natural and efficient way to run. Since I got to try the shoe on for only a few minutes, I would love to test it in a real long run to see how it feels on my feet and to know if it would really correct my running form.

The Go Run is priced at Php4,195.00 for the men's line and Php3,900++ for the women's. If I have enough money that weekend, I might be persuaded to buy a pair after finishing my first 42K run at the 2012 Cebu City Marathon. I thought it would be a nice reward for myself for all the hard work and training I have put in for the race. Also, I am planning to buy another shoe to compliment the present one(Adidas Stability 3) I am wearing which has already logged more than 300 miles since I bought it October last year. For now, the Go Run definitely ranks high in my next must-buy shoe list.   

Thank you Skechers for these freebies!

With fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers Edwin and Edcel

For more details about the Skechers Go Run, visit:

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