Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plan Your Next Run: The 2012 Philippine Marathon Schedule

Having finishing my first 42K at the 2012 Cebu City Marathon last January 8, I am now aiming to run at least one marathon every year. Distance can sure be addicting and the runner's high experienced upon crossing the finish line is simply unexplainable. Planning where to run next after a marathon finish is therefore inevitable.

It has always been my goal to run in different places so I made a research on marathons regularly held in the Philippines every year. Fortunately, I found a running blog which lists the 2012 Philippine Marathon Schedule. So if you're planning to run a marathon this year, check out the schedule listed below (click the event for race details): 

Marathon  Event
Cebu City
Subic, Zambales
City of Alabang
Laoag City
Santa Rosa, Laguna
Kayapa, N. Viscaya
To be determined
Bandian, Cebu
City of Manila
Cebu City
Camarines Sur
City of Manila
City of Taguig
Dumaguete City
Quezon City
City of Manila
Source: The Scientist Runner

My next marathon target is the 2013 Condura  Skyway Marathon in Alabang City. This year's edition which will be held this Sunday, February 5,  is  quite unique  since it will start at 12 midnight. Hopefully it would still be a midnight run next year as, like most runners, I dreaded running under the intense heat of the sun.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kaamulan 2012 Half Marathon Race Routes

These are the race routes of the Kaamulan 2012 Half Marathon which will be held in Malaybalay City on February 19, 2012. All photos courtesy of Engr. Bong Abao of Origen Outdoors and Malaybalay Runners:


Monday, January 23, 2012

Cebu Marathon 2012 (My First 42K): The First 21 Kilometers

Day 3: January 8, 2012

I woke up ahead of my hotel room mates at 2:30 AM, after just 4 hours of sleep. I hurriedly got up, stepped my left foot on the tiled floor and....Yes! The pain on my left toe has significantly subsided. I walked, jumped and jogged around the room. The pain is still there but it is more tolerable now. I profusely thanked God for making my toe feel a lot better. I then made an affirmation that on this day, I would run and finish my first full marathon! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cebu Marathon 2012 (My First 42K): Pre-Race Day Jitters

Day 1: January 6, 2012

We (me, my wife Malou and my officemate Roy) arrived in Cebu City Pier 6 at around 8 PM. The Superferry 12 we boarded in Cagayan de Oro was supposed to leave at 9:45 AM but it departed at 12 noon making our travel delayed by more than 2 hours. From Pier 6, we walked our way to Sugbutel where we are booked for the night.   

Sunset in Superferry 12

After settling our baggage in our room, we went directly to Ayala Mall to get our race kits and attend the carbo loading party. However, the race expo was already closed when we arrived. According to the lady attendant, we could still go to the carbo loading but there is a fee of P180/person. We decided to ate dinner at Chowking where we spent less than 180 pesos each and stuffed ourselves with Chinese Fried Chicken and Wanton Noodles.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Skechers GO Run

I attended the Skechers Go Run launch in Ayala Mall Cebu last Saturday, January 7, 2012. Now, you might wonder how in the world The Pulaguy Blogger got invited to this product launch? Well, I just posted a comment on the Skechers Fitness Facebook Page that I am going to run 42K in the 2012 Cebu City Marathon. I then got an email from Ms. Michelle Obligacion, Skechers' Marketing Associate, inviting me to go to their Ayala branch the day before the marathon for they will be introducing the Go Run shoe to Cebu bloggers and runners.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Conquered the 2012 Cebu City Marathon!

Every jogger can't dream of being an Olympic champion, but he can dream of finishing a marathon.--Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder
January 8, 2012 is a day that will forever be carved in my heart and mind. In one fine morning of this momentous Sunday, I stretched myself beyond my limits, summoned the strength I never thought I have and conquered the farthest distance I've ever run in my whole life. After 5 hours, 45 minutes and 22 seconds, I crossed the finish line of my first 42K in the 2012 Cebu City Marathon, an accomplishment I will forever treasure and will always be proud of.

How sweet it is....

(This is a teaser to The Tales of My First Marathon. I will soon post more stories about my experience in this blog. For now let me bask in the glory of my first marathon finish.)      

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Valencia City: Dagan sa Dakbayan 2012 (Jan. 8, 2012)

After the Dagan Alang sa Nabahaan charity run for Typhoon Sendong victims in Malaybalay City last December 31, 2011, another fund-raising run will be held in Valencia City this coming Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 5:00 AM in the City Oval. Dagan sa Dakbayan 2012 is part of Valencia City's 11th Charter Day Festivities. At the same time it also aims to raise money, clothing and other necessities for the benefit of flood prone communities in the City of Golden Harvest. In case you haven't heard, some barangays of Valencia were submerged in a flash flood caused by the rising of the water of Pulangi River due to heavy rains last week. 

Registration fees are P50.00 for adults and P20.00 for students. Participants are encouraged to donate extra cash, used clothing, kitchen utensils, blankets, pillows and other necessities to be given to the flood victims. Registration forms are available at the Valencia City Admin Office and at Bibwak Outdoor Shop. Interested runners may also order the Valencia Runners jersey for only P250.00. For more info contact: 09183498802.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year-End Fun Run for Sendong Victims

Dagan Alang Sa Nabaha-an (Run for Sendong Victims) was a fitting way to cap my whole year round of running. Held on the last day of 2011 (Dec.31, Saturday) in my hometown Malaybalay City, the charity run aimed to raise funds for the benefits of Typhoon Sendong victims which recently battered Northern Mindanao.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marathon in 2 Hours? Here's What It Looks Like

Running a marathon (42K) in two hours is a definitely an incredible human feat. It requires a pace of no less than 4 minutes and 34 seconds per kilometer throughout the whole 42-kilometer distance. I made a little research and discovered that Patrick Makau of Kenya currently holds the world record for a marathon with an official time of 2:03:02 during the Berlin Marathon last September 25, 2011. This world record is officially recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations