Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beach Running in Camotes

 Self-timed pic

More than a month ago, my wife and I went to Camotes Islands to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Camotes is a group of islands which form part of Cebu province. It is about 2 hours away from Danao City via ferry boat ride.

We arrived in the town of San Francisco early afternoon and was able to tour its major destinations including Danao Lake, Bakhaw Beach, Timubo Cave and the Baywalk. Bakhaw Beach so amazed me that I couldn't resist running barefoot on its white sands. So I ask my wife took pictures of me while running a few hundred meters.

 Amazing Bakhaw Beach

We stayed in San Franciso Bay Garden and Resort and the morning after we arrived, we took a stroll along the bay. The low tide exposed a wide portion of the bay's white sands and I decided to make another run again. So while my wife was resting in a tropical hut, I took my digicam and ran barefoot (and barechested) towards the bay's farthest end and back.

This is the public beach portion of San Francisco Bay. I started my run from where the beach side huts stood:

My feet took me to the bay's end. A resort called Morenz is perched above the rocks:

The views at the bay's end:


On my way back, I noticed lots of tiny crablets (i'm not too sure if that's what they're called) on the sands. Once they noticed me approaching them, they quickly bore holes into the sands hide. After several attempts, I finally got one decent shot of a crablet before it disappeared into its sinkhole:

Sand ripples and my shadow:

The resort perched above a cliff is where me and and my wife stayed.

Beached boat:

I then run back towards the beach huts where my wife was lounging. After a few more photo ops, we went to a beachside resto to eat our breakfast. I felt a sense of accomplishment that morning because of the rare opportunity to run in an amazingly wonderful beach. So I reward myself with a heavy breakfast of "Sutokil". Burp!

P.S. Aside from being a running enthusiast, I am also an avid traveler and has a separate blog for my travel tales. To read my travelogue, you can visit my travel blog HERE.

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