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Beginning Running - How To Start Running

Author: Tom Jeff

Beginning running can be a daunting prospect particularly if you've no experience in running and not even sure how far you'll be able to go without stopping. We hope to dismiss these fears with our tips and most of all get you excited about going out and getting started in the world of running!

I've Never Run Before What Do I Do?

To answer this question I should first make a note that if your particularly unfit or overweight its recommended to first visit a doctor to get a check up and explain to them what your doing. Once you get the OK you should start running by first finding some good supporting running shoes and learning the Proper Running Form.

Now you're geared up and know good form but your unsure of how far you're actually be able to run? When you first start running its advised you do a short run and aim for around a mile but certainly don't feel bad in taking walk breaks, its actually recommended. Also if you feel you're getting out of breath or feel sick slow right down and take another walk break - again there's no shame in doing this and certainly don't feel like you have to outrun the other joggers!

Beginning Running - Stretching & Eating

Ensure you stretch fully before running and after! So many people at gyms don't bother since its "not cool" to be touching your toes while everyone else patrols round. But stretching will make your run more enjoyable and particularly the day after it! Not forgetting the reduced risk of strains and pulls. You should also avoid eating a heavy meal within an hour of your run as this may cause cramps when running.

Beginning Running - Okay you've gone for your first run now what do you do?

The day after your first run you can expect a little soreness, so take a hot shower and use some deep heat if needed. Stretching can also reduce muscle tension. You should take at least a 24hr break between your runs and when beginning running aim to run twice a week. By having a break your body will be able to recover and rebuild this is essential if your ever going to improve so don't overdo it, so try and avoid running until your body has completely recovered.

Mile aim

Now aim to complete your mile run without stopping this may take some time so don't freak out if it takes you a few weeks or longer. Once you can go a mile aim for slight increases on each time and your be running farther than you ever imagined!

Beginning Running Tips For Improved Motivation & Fitness:

Go With A Friend - Exercising with friends is a fantastic way to naturally motivate you (particularly if your competitive!) if you can find someone who is also new you're be able to enjoy getting more fit and being able to run for longer together. If you can't find a friend why not joining one of the many local clubs? A simple Google search such as "Your town running club" will likely produce results.

Run on the flat! - When you first start running you should aim to run on flat locations since hills (both up and down!) dramatically change the pace and difficulty.

If Wanting To Lose Weight - Remember you didn't get out of shape in two weeks so don't expect to get back in shape in two weeks, please be persistent, keep your training up and be sure not to over do it and burn out when you start beginning running. Please remember running burns roughly 100 Calories per mile, so if your keen to lose weight reducing your food intake (particularly high fat, produced and snack food) will dramatically help you lose weight (when combined with exercise).

Set Yourself A Goal - If you've never run before aim to run a mile without stopping in a certain time period. Focus on your goal and remember why you started running.

Don't Forget The Fantastic Benefits - Its been proven to help you sleep better, lose weight and live longer. What else do you do that can say that?

Enjoy It  - "The journey is better than the destination" enjoy your training and look forward to the day you can look back and relish in your hard work.

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