Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long Run to Barangay Imbayao (Malaybalay City, Bukidnon)

It was a holiday last Monday (June 20, 2011) so my friends and I went for a long run in preparation for the upcoming Run for the Forests which will be held this Sunday, June 26, in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

 My running companions James Paulican and Yenyen and Calvin Balmocena

Its all dirt road and mostly uphill from here....

We started our run at around 6 AM in NHA Phase 3 Annex, Casisang, Malaybalay City. Since we still don't know the race route that day, we planned to just run along the road going to Barangay Imbayao.

 Passing along Dole banana plantation

The paved road is only until NHA and it's all dirt and uphill going to Barangay Imbayao. Since it rained the day before, the road is muddy and slippery. I went for an easy run since my left foot hurt a bit after the 10K fun run I joined two days before. The cool early morning air did make our run a bit easier.

Cool running with Mount Kitangland Range on the background

We passed by the RVM Retreat Center and the Dole banana plantation. We reached the cross roads going to three barangays, namely Sta. Cruz, Imbayao and Sinaburan. We followed the road going to Imbayao as we thought that it is the route of the race.

 This is the spillway over Mamala Creek

When we passed by the spillway over Mamala Creek (where some locals told us a flash flood occured earlier), another runner caught up and run along with us. We found out he is veteran runner Realino Indapan. One of the best known runners from Bukidnon, he told us that his best time in 21K is 1:07(!). During the 34th National Milo Marathon last year, he ran with a bad case of hangover and still finished with a time of 1:39. For me and my friend James, it was a previlege to run along with a master that morning.

 Entering Barangay Imbayao

The poultry breeder farms are already visible from here

We continued with our run after passing the Welcome to Imbayao signage.  Poultry breeder farms greeted our sight along with farm plantations and the Mount Kitanglad Range as the backdrop. I don't know how many kilometers we have already covered but at the 50-minute mark, we decided to go back.

On our way back, we heard a humming sound just as we are approaching the Dole Plantation. Mr. Indapan told us that it is the plantation's truck spraying chemicals to the bananas along the right side of the road. He suggested we will not pass along the main road but instead enter the plantation on the left side so that we can stay out of the sprayer's way.

Side trip inside Dole banana plantation to avoid the chemical sprayer on the other side of the road

Back to the main road and enjoying the awesome mountain view from afar

When we came out to the main road again, we were already at a safe distance from the sprayer and we continued our descent. We arrived at our starting point with the time of 1 hours and 20 minutes. With the uphill terrain and muddy trails, I estimated  our run to be between 12-14 kilometers. It was a good, long run as we not only build up our endurance but also enjoyed the refreshing views as well.

 Back to NHA Phase 3 Annex Subdivision

Post Run Notes:
1. Special thanks to Edward and Tata Tuazon for the coffee and pandesal after the long run.
2. Two days after the run, I found out that we took the wrong turn at the Imbayao-Sta. Cruz-Sinaburan crossing. We took the right road going to Imbayao when we're supposed to go straight ahead to the road going to Sinaburan (click here to read my updated previous post for the race map).


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