Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Run: The 34th National Milo Marathon in Cagayan de Oro City

 (Note: The photos here first appeared on my travel blog Suroy Pilipinas)

The 34th National Milo Marathon in Cagayan de Oro City was the very first running event I have joined. It was held last November 28, 2010. Being a newbie in running, I signed up for the 5k event in this run.

 More than 5,000 runners in the 5K event

Starting line is in Velez Street fronting the Pelaez Sports Center. The first to run were the 21K runners, followed by 10K, 3K (young children runners) and finally 5K which has the most number of participants.

There was a little chaos at the start of the 5K run. Some runners positioned at the back sprinted as the run started, thus bumping other runners at front line. Because of this, I personally witnessed two or three persons who fell to the ground. 

 The finish line inside Pelaez Sports Center

Right from the start, I just maintained my regular running pace unmindful of other runners who passed me by. From Velez Street, runners turned left upon reaching the highway and headed towards the direction of Kauswagan Highway. Turning point of 5K is a few meters after Makro and just before reaching Pan de Pugon Bakery. Finish line is at the track oval of Pelaez Sports Center.

 Runners resting their tired soles

It's always nice to see children engaging in sports at their early age

Lack of stamina compelled me to walk a few meters two or three times in this run. Still I managed to finish 5-kilometer distance in 30 minutes and 50 seconds or a pace of 6:10. At the finish line, I was exhausted yet very exhilarated because I was able to finish my very first run.

I conquered my first run!

34th National Milo Marathon
Cagayan de Oro City
November 28, 2010
My Running Time: 30:50
My Running Pace: 6:10
My Rank: #646 out of 5,119 5K finishers

1. Early start
2. Controlled traffic at the highway
3. Plenty of race marshals and water stations
4. Medals for the top finishers in 21k and certificates for finishers in all events.
5. Free Milo drink at the finish line.

1. Scuffle at the start of 5K event
2. No freebies

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